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Unleash the Power of

Magicdog is a Google Sheets™ extension made
to help you easily import and analyze data from Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more.
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Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly connect your Quickbooks or Salesforce account with a single click.


Save hours every week with fully automated updates to your sheets.


We ensure that your sensitive information remains safe.

AI Tools

Use the power of AI to generate formulas, extract data from text, query databases, and accomplish more.

Live data

Experience the magic of real-time data. With automated data refresh, scheduled updates, and email notifications, your dashboards will always display the most accurate data and keep you up-to-date.

Import in seconds

Effortlessly load data with Magicdog's one-click connections, dynamic data filters, and scheduled snapshots and alerts.

Sarah Alink

Senior Finance Analyst
“Magicdog has been a game-changer for our team! The seamless integration with Salesforce has made importing data a breeze. The time we've saved on manual data entry and report generation is invaluable.”
    Powerful insights

AI Tools

Gone are the days of tedious data entry and analysis. With AI, you can streamline your workflow and unlock valuable insights in a fraction of the time. Call ChatGPT from your sheets, generate formulas, SQL queries and more.

Unleash the Power of Data:
Not Your Average Spreadsheet

Simplify your data analysis workflow, gain deeper insights and save valuable time with AI superpowers.


Retrieve data from multiple sources, keep it updated and build reports, all from Google Sheets™.


Use ChatGPT to generate text within your Sheet for summaries, descriptions, and more.


Convert data from one format to another easily, useful for working with data from multiple sources.


Quickly extract specific data from unstructured texts like customer reviews.


Ask any question and we'll query your database for you.


Quit the guessing game and generate formulas in one click.

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One-click imports for Google Sheets™

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